BRM Advisors

We support start-ups and SMEs across a variety of sectors.

How can we help?

Our focus is on:

  1. Strategic direction;
  2. Financial modelling;
  3. Fundraising support; and
  4. Technology advisory / builds.

Founded by Mike Fauconnier-Bank in 2011, we provide access to a team of consultants with a rich expertise in the above fields.

How do we work?

We typically work on a project-based approach.

This applies whether we are:

  • Providing high level advice to your board / management; or
  • Rolling up our sleeves and working with your team on the ground.

Generally, we are highly selective in the clients we choose to work with.

New business comes our way predominantly via word of mouth. We therefore need to make sure that we can deliver you the best possible results from our work.


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